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Canada's oil and gas industry still facing emissions hurdles: CAPP

CALGARY—Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as well as water and land use, still pose challenges for Canada’s oil and gas industry, according to a new annual report from one of the nation’s industry associations. In

New Survey shows safety as top industry concern

Natural gas producers told pollsters in a survey earlier this year that safety was their

TransCanada Says Gulf Coast Pipeline over 90 Perce

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug 20 (Reuters) - TransCanada Corp said on Tuesday its 700,000 barrel per day Gulf Coast pipeline project is now over 90 percent

Mud Motor Drillout

Feb 14th 2013

Kevin making up 73mm mud motor to mill out frac ports on Spirit West #4.. Port #1 with a 3.5" ball and seat in 20 mins , pret

Fishing for pipe

Sept 7th 2013
Fishing for pipe on a Saturday morning Nailed it first try. It was sticking about 1' out of the liner. Very lucky ... Or maybe s

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