Wednesday January 24, 2018

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Canada's oil and gas industry still facing emissions hurdles: CAPP

CALGARY—Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as well as water and land use, still pose challenges for Canada’s oil and gas industry, according to a new annual report from one of the nation’s industry associations. In

New Survey shows safety as top industry concern

Natural gas producers told pollsters in a survey earlier this year that safety was their

TransCanada Says Gulf Coast Pipeline over 90 Perce

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug 20 (Reuters) - TransCanada Corp said on Tuesday its 700,000 barrel per day Gulf Coast pipeline project is now over 90 percent

Mud Motor Drillout

Feb 14th 2013 - Master Oil Tools

Kevin making up 73mm mud motor to mill out frac ports on Spirit West #4.. Port #1 with a 3.5" ball and sea

Fishing for pipe

Sept 7th 2013 - Master Oil Tools
Fishing for pipe on a Saturday morning Nailed it first try. It was sticking about 1' out of the liner. Very l